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Fire Alarm Preventative Maintenance

Having a fire alarm is only one piece of the puzzle. These alarms also need to be maintained over time. Otherwise you run the risk of them not working properly. So do not underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance for your fire alarm. The National Fire Alarm Code requires weekly and quarterly visual checks. It also requires semi-annual tests and yearly inspections from professionals in the field.

Why You Need Professional Fire Alarm Maintenance

As mentioned, to stay up to code you will need regular inspections and tests. It is important to turn to a professional for these matters and to not let them fall by the wayside. Here are some reasons why you need fire alarm preventative maintenance:

  • The fire alarm may fail to go off properly during a fire, which puts everyone at risk.

  • A faulty fire alarm could result in a false alarm, which disrupts the workday and make you less productive. On top of that, it may dispatch fire trucks to the building for no reason. Repeat offenses of this may result in a fine.

  • You are liable to fines for failing to comply with fire safety codes since the fire alarm is not properly working.

  • An insurance carrier may reject your claim if you do not show proof of annual fire alarm inspections, since they are often needed in order for the building to stay up to code.

  • When you neglect your fire alarm, your liability for potential injuries or loss of life increases.

  • Many fire alarms provide details to the first responders about the location of the fire. So a malfunction in the alarm system may delay the response time of the firefighters, and thus lead to more damage and potential loss of life or injuries.

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