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Fire Alarm Installations

At Integrity Fire Solutions, we provide people throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island with dependable fire alarm installations. Our professional team can install a fire alarm into any commercial building. So you can safely protect yourself in case of a fire. A working fire alarm limits your risk when there is a fire and allows everyone to be alerted of the potential danger.

Importance of Installing a Fire Alarm

It is important to properly install a fire alarm in any office or building. Having a fire alarm is how you protect yourself from a fire. Without one, there is no way to be alerted in case there is a fire.

Here are 4 of the biggest reasons you should install a fire alarm:

  1. Fire Alarms Save Lives
    The first and foremost reason you should invest in the installation of fire alarms is for the simple fact that they save lives. They make the building safer for all employees, customers and whoever else is in the building. When installed properly, they give everyone ample time to exit a building when they detect heat, fire or smoke.

  2. Reduce Loss of Property
    Of course, fire alarms do not put out the fires, but they allow for early detection. And thus a quicker response from the fire department. Some installation of a fire alarm can directly alert the fire department, which allows for an even quicker response time. But any way you slice it, the sooner you are alerted of a fire, the sooner the fire can be put out, which reduces the amount of damage that occurs.

  3. Stay Up To Code
    When you install a fire alarm in a building, you are ensuring the building is staying code-compliant to any safety protocols. And for insurance purposes, most companies will not insure a building if it is not up to code and does not have properly installed fire alarms. So it is very risky to not stay up to date with fire alarms.

  4. Shorten Recovery Time
    Since the response time is shorter due to the fire alarm working, that means less damage occurs than if there was a delay. Which then means that is less time needed for repairs to the damage. So you can save money on any repairs, while also opening sooner since less repair work happens.

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